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Injection after care

The injected joint/area is usually numbed using a cooling spray or lidocaine. The area is then injected with lidocaine and cortisone. The numbing effect of the lidocaine usually lasts for an hour and then wears off. Maximum improvement in pain from cortisone usually takes 24-48 hours. You may experience some tenderness at the site of the injection once the lidocaine wears off and before the cortisone takes effect.

Rest the area:

Usually the injected medicine causes the area to feel numb. Because you may not feel pain, it is easy to cause further injury. Avoid strenuous activities for the next 48 hours.

Watch for infection:

The procedure is done in a sterile manner and risk of infection is very low. Still, be alert for the following signs of infection: fever above 100 degrees, increased warmth in the area, redness in the injection site, redness moving up or down the area, and swelling of the area. If these symptoms develop, call the office or report to the emergency room immediately.